As required by NC ALE Law, a private club may be open only to members and their guests.
New members must submit a written application for membership and the application must be kept on the premises as long as the person is a member.
Memberships cannot be issued to a new member until three days after submitting a written application.
Membership applications must be submitted during club hours in person.
Proof of membership (membership card) must be issued to the member and kept in his or her possession.
Members must be 21 years of age and have a valid photo ID.
Members must receive permission from staff each time guest accompaniment is desired (including Spouses).
Members are responsible for the attitude and actions of every guest they admit. Inappropriate behavior or actions by a guest, contrary to club policies may result in the revocation of membership.
Guest Access will not be allowed to individuals more than three times in a 12 month period.

Club Policies:
You must be at least 21 years of age to consume alcohol
Intoxicated persons will not be admitted into the club
NO one under 18 allowed without permission.
NO beverages of any type may be consumed in the parking lot
NO outside beverages may be brought onto the premises
NO beverages may be taken outside the building except on the designated patio area.
NO one may consume alcoholic beverages after 2am
NO inappropriate behavior will be tolerated
NO fighting is permitted
NO weapons. Please be attentive to any items that may be a used as a weapon, including a pocketknife. Management may search anyone or scan anyone with a metal detector at anytime. Any item that appears threatening may be confiscated.
NO drugs! Illegal drug use or possession is strictly prohibited.

Dress Code:
Dress casually. However, keep in mind that attending is a social event. Please dress to fit the occasion.
NO gang colors. No exceptions!
NO shirtless vests or jackets
NO excessively baggy clothing
NO 'wifebeater' tank tops on men

The staff may refuse to sell alcoholic beverages to any person for any reason. If you are becoming intoxicated, you will not be served additional alcoholic beverages. Be responsible when consuming alcohol and please use a designated driver. There is a hotel within walking distance. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance! Management may deny entry to any person for any reason including inappropriate clothing. Adhering to the above guidelines alone does not ensure entry.