Full Bar

Ever been to one of those places that say they have a "full bar" but once you get there, they have about 10 bottles of booze and it's the same stuff that all the other places carry. Well, when we say we have a Full Bar, we mean it. We have the largest selection of booze and brews around.

Of course we carry the old standby favorites, but for those that want something with more attitude, ask our bartenders to recommend something new. We're always experimenting and trying new things. Ask for one of our local selections. Our stock of liquors is always changing based on client preferences and popular trends.

We also have wines showcasing the local Weathervane Winery. Locally grown and bottled in Welcome, NC.

At last count we had 89 liquor selections, 59 beer selections and about 15 wine choices.

Another little known fact, we have more soft drink choices than anyone around too.

Customer quotes;

Chris Church The Bloody Marys ARE AWESOME!!! It's been WAY too long since I had one or 5....but maybe, just maybe I will get to return to the TOH this weekend???? Maybe....

Sharon Owen Holmes Best mixed drinks anywhere!

Jessica Eplin best mojito ever

Jackie Greene Chapman time out hut is a fun place to be,any nite of the week !!